Batting Control

category: Batting

Rounders Batting control Batting Four players working with 1 ball and 1 bat. One of the 3 players throws the ball at the batter who has to tap the ba...

Flik It Board

category: Batting

Rounders Flik it Board Batting Feeder places ball on Flik it board and times her stamp to enable the batter to hit the ball.

Team Scatterball

category: Ground-Fielding

Rounders team scatterball Ground Fielding Divide players into two teams, one fielding and one batting. The fielding team bowls 4 consecutive balls to...

Spot Hits

category: Batting

Rounders Spot Hits Batting Set up in groups of 5. 3 different coloured spots are placed in a triangle in front of the batter, with 3 fielders placed ...

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