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Batting Mechanics Drills

Back foot batting shots are best used when the cricket ball is pitched on a shorter length (further away from the batter) or when the wicket has a lot...

Front foot batting Drills

These shots are used when the ball is pitched on a fuller length and the batsman takes a step forward towards the ball. If right handed the batsman pl...


Off Drive

category: Front-foot-batting

Lean towards the ball with head and shoulder forward of the body.Good step forward towards the pitch of the ball, head directly above the front foot.B...

Front Foot Drive

category: Front-foot-batting

The Coach feeds 6 balls to each batsman, who have to drive the ball through the set of cones.

The Front Foot Drive

category: Front-foot-batting

Dip your head and shoulder more than for the off or straight drive and let the ball come through. Open your leading shoulder to point straight/ mid on...

Front Foot Defence

category: Front-foot-batting

Lean towards ball with head and shoulder forward of body.Good step forward to pitch of ball with weight on bent front leg.Diamond shape maintained by ...

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Community Drills

Pull shot & Front Foot Drive

20 - 25 minutes per drill.Top drill front foot drill, between cones, restictions are above the material on the net your out and outside the cones your...

Front Foot Drive

F = Coach with six balls which will be drop fed to allow the batsman to play a front foot drive.After all six balls have been driven off the front foo...

Front Foot Drive - Net

Standard net session with players. Focusing on the front foot drive. Bowlers are encouraged to bowl a fuller length and look to target off stump. Batt...

Front Foot Driving

In pairs have the group line up adjacent to a fielding net or a wall around 5/10 meters away. Whilst one of the pair bats the other will stand next to...