Developing Heading Confidence and Accuracy

This Sportplan Session looks at heading the ball.

Whether you're introducing young, header-shy players to this skill or working with developing players' heading accuracy there's something for everyone in this session!

We start this Session by approach heading from a new player's perspective, addressing the fears they may have about putting their head in front of a football as well as using step by step instructions to coach the technical aspect of this skill.

Using your head in football is an indispensable method for moving the ball and is second only to using your feet. Headers can help you rise above the goalkeeper to score and can give you the edge when clearing your lines as a defender.

This complete session gets your players used to heading the ball by firstly getting your players to balance the ball on their foreheads, like seals, before throwing the ball up for small self-headers and then working in pairs over increasingly long distances.

Try this heading basics session today and turn your young players into heading heroes

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