Defensive Confidence - Dealing with 1v1 situations

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This Sportplan Session aims to give your defenders greater confidence when faced with a 1v1 situation, working on shadowing, channelling and most importantly teaching them that they don't always have to dive in.

There's nothing worse than a defender who dives in willy nilly, without thinking about whether it's the right thing to do or not. To help prevent this sort of reckless defending in this session we look at ways you can get your players to hold up their man, forcing them wide and hold up the attacker until the cavalry arrives!

Facing down an oncoming attacker is no easy feat. However, if you know how it needn't be quite so intimidating.

To deal with these tricky situations we practice 1 v 1s, starting with a drill which sees your defenders shadowing their man, standing with bent knees so that they're ready to change direction at any given moment! After this your players will progress through a number of increasingly difficult 1v1 drills which will test their ability to defend against an oncoming player when it matters the most - just like in a real match your players will be penalised if they dive in and don't get the ball too - so the stakes are raised!

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