Football Drill Demonstration



  • Set up 4 cones in a square in front of the goal with a 5th cone off to the side of the square.
  • Goalkeeper to enter the goal from the side and hit the closest corner.
  • Goalkeeper then moves forward up one side of the square and back through the square on a diagonal to the other back corner
  • Then straight up the other side of the square and around the Server to then shoot and Goalkeeper to save.
  • Once GK has received a shot they take the ball with them and join the back of the shooting line.
  • Server then goes round the back of the line to join the Goalkeeper line.

Coaching points

  • Goal Keepers hand position set if the Server looks like they are going to shoot
  • Do not look down at the feet get used to the footwork taking the GK into good positions to make the save.
  • Is the GK set in time for the shot and made the transition from dropping back into set to getting their weight forward. 


  • Progress to shots making the GK dive
  • Start with balls off the floor and then a volley
  • Server can shoot randomly at any point to check the GK is aware and ready
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