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Goalkeeping Basic Handling Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeping Basic Handling

Goalkeeping is a technical position. Having the correct technique will help with the simple saves as well as the trickier ones - work on their basic from hand positioning and leg movements to create a foundation for a top keeper to grow on.

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  • Goalkeeper on knees with hands in ready position.
  • Server 1 plays ball above waist height for the goalkeeper.

Coaching points

  • The hands away from the body and elbows away from body to act as shock absorbers.
  • Hands should not be too wide apart thumbs pointing up so Goalkeeper can go with W grip or M grip
  • For M grip fingers pointing down and spread. For W thumbs into 'W' Shape make sure the thumbs are not touching.



  • Progress to feet.
  • Goalkeeper is side on then turns into the set position.

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