Hockey Drill Demonstration


1 GK

2 defenders (RD & LD)

3 Midfield (RM, CM, LM)

1 Forward (F)

Penalty corners -

Attack, 3 players around edge of circle, 1 player hitting it out and others back defending.

Defensively, 4 players & the GK behind the line inside the goal. 2 players in oppositions circle.


GK - Cecily

RD - Hollie

LD  - Gracie

RM - Sorcha

CM - Alice

LM - Bebe

A - Christy

Subs - Lara (Defender), Antonia (Midfield

Sorcha could play attacker, Hollie can play CM too.

Coaching points


  • players to pressurise the oppositon when they have the ball. Attacker to put pressure on their defenders. Midfield and defence to mark players and tackle their players.
  • on opposition hit out, our team should take up the shape on the diagram. marking players too when they move.
  • defenders must not stay too deep when we are attacking, step toward the half way line as you will tackle further away from our goal.


  • RM & LM to use width which is where the space will be.
  • All midfield must be infront of their markers when our defenders have a hit out. Moving to try to create space for passes through to our forwards or midfielders.
  • Defenders to be confident to pass the ball to them or into space away from our goal.
  • Attacker leading high & wide into space for passes. it's important for forward to keep stretching the pitch with high leads.
  • Carry the ball to space, dodge around players, not go through them.
  • look to where or who you are passing to. Dont just panic and give the ball away.

Enjoy, play well and have fun!


Created by Jo, Hockey Coach, England

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