Hockey Drill Demonstration


Needed: Cones, Lines, 12+ Players (even number), Balls

How? Make 3 small fields with on each end. The field all the way to the RIGHT will serve as the "King Field". The object is to get onto this field and stay there as long as possible. Who ever is on this field by the end of X amount of games, is crowned the "King of the Hill". 

On the fields play 2v2 for 2 minutes at a time. Be sure that the players keep their own score and call their own fouls, depending on skill level. 


Foot= 1 point

Goal= 2 points

Coaching points

  • Have fun
  • Creativity should be rewarded
  • Have a price for the winners
  • Make equal teams


Instead of a goal on the endline, you could put a single cone, on which the players have to play the ball in order to score a point. 

Created by noah, Hockey Coach, United States of America

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