Football Drill Demonstration


This is a great little warm-up routine if you're short on time as it combines:

  • Goalkeeping warm-up
  • Passing/Possession
  • Shooting
  1. A Rondo is set-up and played with optional defenders (yellow).
  2. The coach (red) warms up the keeper with throws, catches, low shots etc.
  3. At random times the coach calls a player's name from the Rondo. And plays a lay-off pass.
  4. That player then has 3 secs to leave the Rondo and shoot on goal.

Coaching points

  1. Players must be aware at all times in case his name is called.
  2. Players must respond with pace and accuracy to score.
  3. Goalkeeper has to adapt his position for the player's shot.
  4. Players must keep the Rondo going at all times.

Rondos can be progressed by:

  • Adding defenders.
  • Incorporate movement - follow your pass or move 2 places to the right after your pass.

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