Kick Dolphin Legs

category: Butterfly-Drills

Kick Dolphin Legs with or without a small flexible float. Hold the top of the float with two hands. Keep the feet together as you kick both legs in an...

Breaststroke - Drills

category: Breaststroke-Drills

Breaststroke Pulling with a dolphin leg kick will help drive the hips high in order to develop good undulation. Do not use a pull buoy when exaggerati...

Backstroke - Drills

category: Backstroke-Drills

Dolphin Leg Kick. Kick backstroke with dolphinlegs to develop and improve abdominalstrength. Arms will be stretched out above yourhead, pressing over ...

Stroke Development Backstroke

category: Stroke-Development-Backstroke

TurnsThe backstroke turn is executed by rolling over onto your front on the last stroke into the wall, drop your head down towards the knees and lift ...

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How to do a dolphin kick

The dolphin kick is used in the butterfly stroke. While challenging, the dolphin kick is useful to master. Get expert tips and advice in this swimming...