3 V 1 Long Pass

category: Conditioned-games

6 players work in an area approximately 30 meters wide, divided in two with a third boxed area at one end. Red team play a 3 v 1 inside the first area...

1St Touch Shooting

category: Shooting

Encouraging 1st time shooting or allow U10s, U12s to take a touch and then shoot. Blue 1 plays ball into area and clue 2 moves in to shoot 1st time. ...

Wolf Pack

category: Conditioned-games

The players each have a ball. On the coaches command the defending team comes in to the area and tries to kick all of the balls out. If a player gets ...

Shadow Defending

category: 1-v-1-skills

Players are working in pairs. Player 1 dribbles forward and player 2 shadows them, not trying to win the ball but trying to put pressure on the player...

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