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How to get players to talk to each other during a game?

How would you encourage your players to start talking to each other during game? This lack of communication at times is a hinderance to their overall play

This is a constant problem that many coaches suffer no matter what the age group. Unless the players start at a young age, it's more difficult to get them to do it later on. One session I use to explain how important talking on the pitch is works quite well and players see what you mean. Have a game of 5 or 6 a side but the only condition introduced is that nobody is allowed to talk during the game. Nobody can call for the ball or tell team mates where to pass it. If this happens, a free kick is awarded to the opposition. This really emphasises what you are trying to teach.

The next exercise is completely the opposite, nobody can pass the ball to a teammate unless they first call for the ball. Again, if they pass without a call, then a free kick is awarded against them.

It may take a few weeks, but it will eventually sink in. I have tried this on occasions and even though it doesn't always work, it re-emphasises how important communication on the pitch really is.

Another reason for this is probably the coach's own fault where the players are so used to hearing the coach's voice telling them what to do that they end up not communicating at all among themselves.

Hope that this helps.

thanks for this I will try this tonight, at u17's it is a struggle, even though i do keep telling them to talk.


I coach U14 and I hear some talk at certain times but not all the time


Thanks. This will really hit home the importance of talking

Just run SSGs where NO player can pass to a teammate UNLESS they call the name of the player they are passing to.

There is also the other 'Communication' words that inform players:

"PLAY", "DROP", "TIME", "PUSH ON".... brief, relevant and concise

To emphasise the importance of communication run a SSG talking or communicating allowed for 5 mins. Then play again for 5 mins this time shouting and communicating allowed - they should notice immediately that it's far easier and more effective with communications than without.

AS above but try only letting one player talk, give him the job to direct the other players out of possession as wekk as with the ball. Give them all a couple of minutes each and go round a couple of times.


have you ever played with dumb (players that can not talk because they cant speak I have) anyway play a game of blind soccer yes have your players blind folded they have to talk else they cant see this helps twofold one to communicate and to really see the game periferially I have amazed my players by blindfolding me and give them pases accurately to where i hear the voice

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