5 V 5 Festival

category: Conditioned-games

Set Up:

2 teams of 5. The fielding team consists of: bowler, backstop, 2nd post, 3 fielders (1 on 2nd post...

All The Way Across The Field

category: Throwing-Catching

Teams of 4 try and throw the ball across a pitch as quickly as possible, not missing any players out.

The first team to throw the ball 10 ti...

Hitting The Gaps

category: Throwing-Catching

Set up on a full sized rounders pitch or smaller if U10's or below.

2 teams of 5 fielding v 5 batting (no bats required)

The aim of the...

Kick Ball Rounders

category: Conditioned-games

Set up:

Pitch marked out in the same shape as a normal rounders pitch with cones 6m apart. Split players into two small tea...

Web Videos

How to play the game of rounders

Once a year we gather in the field for a game of rounders. This is how we play it, though it's possible that our version deviates a little from the of...

Base - rounders (1930)

A continental game which is a combination of baseball, rounders, and a lot of other obstacles. M/S of a man taking a swipe at a ball with a baseball b...



Community Drills

Main Session

Children are shown the basic technique of an overarm and underarm throw and techniques of throwing and catching. Children are put into pairs with 1 ba...

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warm up for five minutes- jog around the pitch twice; stretches- arm swings, shoulder circles, lunges.skill related exercise: everyone will be split i...

Game Based Activity

The game based activity is rounders but with tennis bats and the ball being pitched is underarm.If a player is caught or run out they lose a point.If ...

Long Barrier

The batter will get bowled a ball with will then have to try and aim for a cone where a fielder will be standing, this fielder will have to throw the ...