Good Bowling Action

category: Bowling

Knees bent, ball released inside the square and shoulders and hip in line. Look for a good pendulum motion when bowling. The ball should reach the ...

Bowling Technique

category: Bowling

Spinning the ball – Closing the door CP Palm finishes facing down Spinning the ball – Opening the door CP Palm finishes facing up...

Bowling A No Ball

category: Rules

The bowler should aim to bowl the ball between knee and shoulders of the batter To give the batter the chance to hit it. In this video the bowler bowl...

Backing Up The Post

category: Ground-Fielding

Players work in groups of four. With one feeder and one fielder stood on a post, with another two players backing up behind the post player, in a tria...

Bowling At A Left Hander

category: Bowling

When a right hander bowls towards a left hander it is important that the bowler moves to the edge of the bowling square.


category: Bowling

The ball should not be gripped too tightly when bowling and all fingers (and thumb) should be in contact with the ball.

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