Good Bowling Action

category: Bowling

Rounders Good bowling action Bowling Knees bent, ball released inside the square and shoulders and hip in line. Look for a good pendulum motion whenÂ...


category: Rules

Rounders Bowling Rules It is important to stay low and keep your shoulders straight above hips. Shoulders to far forward means the ball can hit the g...

Batting Control

category: Batting

Rounders Batting control Batting Four players working with 1 ball and 1 bat. One of the 3 players throws the ball at the batter who has to tap the ba...

Bowling Technique

category: Bowling

Rounders Bowling Technique Bowling Spinning the ball – Closing the door CP Palm finishes facing down Spinning the ball – Opening the door CP Palm...

Web Videos

Rounders drills: sportplan rounders

Sportplan Rounders gives you access to the latest coaching ideas, practices and tactics. You will never be short of ideas again. Unlock the Rounders l...


Community Drills

Bowling Drill - 3 distances

Good practice for building up bowling distance for rounders.5m, 6m & 7m - ProgressionPassive BatterActive Bowler & Backstop6 bowls then swap r...