Rebound Barrier

category: Ground-Fielding

Organisation: Each player has a ball which is thrown at a target on the wall. As the ball rebounds, the ball is fielded using long barrie. In restrict...

Barrier Catch (Side View)

category: Skills

Approach the ball at speed and as you get into line with the ball, twist your upper body, leading with the shoulder furthest from the ball. Bend bo...

Pairs Target Barrier

category: Ground-Fielding

Organisation: Divide the group into pairs. Organise the practice as shown in the diagram. Aim is to beat partner, using underarm throw. One point is g...


category: Ground-Fielding

Aim - to encourage lateral movement Work in threes. Start with a ball on every cone. The worker starts at the bucket (middle) and works laterally to e...

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Long Barrier

The batter will get bowled a ball with will then have to try and aim for a cone where a fielder will be standing, this fielder will have to throw the ...

Rounders cricket

Long barrierSideways onFoot to kneeUse hands to control ball.Short barrierStop ball with side of foot.Use hand to control the ball.