Fake Your Way Past

category: 321-pass-shot-feinting(dummy)

Run forward at full speed to receive the pass. As you approach the defender drop the shoulder in the direction which you are pretending to pass (drop ...

Mini Handball

category: 116-passing-intercepting-finding-space-and-defending

Two teams, each with goalkeepers, play across a half-court sized pitch. Play with normal rules.

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Handball goalkeeper training

New creative ideas in handball goalkeeper training, neue kreative Ideen im Handball Torwartraining, ideas nuevas en el entrenamiento del portero en el...



Defending the Pivot

Put pressure on the opposition's pivot player with this interception skills session - teach your defence to run out, cut out the pass and get back in ...

Feinting and Dummy Passing

Encourage your players to drop their shoulder and throw a fake shot with this dodge-master session to give your players more confidence when dribbling...