Dish Shape

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Dish Shape Key 1 Body Conditioning Long sit, bringing arms past the ears, lie back to form the 'dish shape'. Return to long sit.

Pike Shape Jump From Trampette.

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Pike

Gymnastics Pike Shape Jump from Trampette. Key 4 Content Trampette Pike A fast approach run up. Eyes focus upon the trampette. A long hurdle step.

Dish Rolling

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Dish Rolling Key 1 Body Conditioning keep dish tense initiate roll with shoulder twist 'wriggle' roll around hips keep the shapes: dish ar...

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Basic gymnastics shapes

Gym for a grin - sharing the sport of gymnastics. In this video we show you some basic gymnastics shapes.