Playing Out From The Back

It’s the modern way teams want to play. It’s definitely on trend and if you can master it, teams won’t get close to you, but make sure you get it right! The high risk strategy will take some practice, so make sure you take advantage of everything this session has to offer.

What’s in the Session?

No one wants to just lump it up to the big guy up the top anymore, so get your players up to speed with having the ball at their feet during a dynamic warm up. The main idea that runs throughout the session is to develop players to be comfortable on the ball and used to the movements they need to make to create options to allow the team to play out from the goalkeeper. Progress on from the warm-up with a practice that walks through the patterns of play before introducing an opposition to challenge the outletting team to really work hard to develop their skills to play out from the back. Finish of the session with a small-sided game in a smaller area to really accentuate any poor touches and to put pressure on the outletting team to build attacks effectively with patience and tight skills.

It’s a risky strategy, but one that if you can perfect is sure fire to bring success! Build your attacks from back to front and get every player comfortable on the ball.

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