Passing & Control On The Move

Having the confidence and ability to pass and control the ball on the move is what makes the great teams build attacks at pace, not allowing the defence to set-up. Make connections up and down the field by instilling the ability to pass and receive on the move with this UEFA B style session.

What’s in the Session?

Begin the session with a pulse raiser that allows the players to hone their touch to get them focussed on the main objective of the session, to pass and control the ball whilst on the move. The technical part of the session uses a wave practice to emphasise the importance/make the players recognise how to keeping control whilst developing an attack on the move will build pressure on the opposition defence. It focuses on the movements of the players to create options for the ball carrier as well as putting real pressure on the pass due to the tight area in which to play in. Finish the session with a small sided 8v8 game on a smaller pitch to transfer the skills learnt into a match scenario. The movement of players, technical ability and their thought processes will be exposed in the game, therefore it will require them to be focussed right up to the final parts of the session to get the best results.

Keep control of the ball when on the move to cut defences apart and create goal scoring opportunities at will.

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