Passing & Control - Movements of Att & Mid Players

The sign of a great player is always how they always seem to have space and time on the ball. Having the ability and knowledge to create space for yourself and teammates is a fine art but can be learnt. Build a team that all create space for each other and begin to attack with confidence.

What?s in the Session?

Warm-up with dynamic practices to switch on physically and mentally. In the main bulk of the session, the technical practices look at giving your players the ability to recognise where the space will be and how creating space will benefit them and the team. Get them playing ?in the hole? and ?off the shoulder? by recognising where the space will be plus allowing the ball carrier to understand when is the best time to pass and where to. Finish the session with a conditioned game that gives the opportunity to put into practice what the players have learnt during the session.

All the greats had heaps of time and always found space. Will the next great come from your batch of players?

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