Developing Movement On & Off the Ball

It’s all very well wanting to be able to make space and receive the ball in tight areas. Having the skills to take the ball under control, turn and distribute is a necessity, however almost more important is being able to find the space in the first place.

What’s in the Session?

The session begins with a dynamic warm up to raise the tempo and engage the players brains. Next, the group get together in a small sided game to allow players to recognise space and understand how to create it through the timing of small movements. As it progresses, the session incorporates more practices, putting emphasis on the players body positions to dictate where they want the pass as well as where the defender positions themselves. Complete the session with a small sided game with goals to give the players a target to aim for, allowing them to think ahead as to how their body position and movement will affect their options after.

Creating space is a skill in itself. Being able to couple that with the technical ability to receive a pass and deliver it to set up an attack will take your midfielders to the next level. Develop your talent with this session.

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