Decision Making - Attacking

’The first pass you see is often your best option’ - this classic footballing cliché is bang on! Players often over complicate things when on the field and try to look for the million dollar pass when in fact the simplest, earliest pass is potentially most effective! Develop your players attacking decision making with this session and create more effective, sustained attacks!

What’s in the Session?

  1. Session focused on improving decision making effectiveness when attacking – what, where, when and who principles.
  2. Players will explore different options and make constant decisions of when to dribble, pass to a teammate or shoot at goal.
  3. Variety of passing and movement, spatial awareness, speed of decision making.
  4. The session is aimed at players between the ages of U12 – U16.
  5. Both skill practices

To coach and develop players how and why to make good decisions when attacking and in possession.

This session is available as part of an Interactive Coaching Pack, scroll down to learn more

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