Crossing and Finishing - Attacking Confidence Session

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To improve crossing and finishing confidence this session practices delivery - ensuring your players are hitting the ball into the right areas of the box - while your attacking players work on their ability to direct the ball into the back of the net (with a power head or a super strike).

What's in the Session?

A heart-rate increasing team warm-up, followed by a headers and volleys Middle Man drill designed to get your players directing the ball and ready for the real thing.

Now that your players are focused on the task ahead it's time to get competitive. We begin with a 2v2 crossing drill and then transfer the skill into a conditioned crossing game, using neutral wing players who can't be tackled to encourage the use of a crossed ball to score a goal.

If everyone's worked hard (and there's time left) we finish things off with a mini-match, and concentrate on the areas covered in the session.

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