Counter Attacking - After Transition

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When you turn the ball over and have an opportunity to mount an attack straight away, it’s vital you take it! This is when your opponents are at their most vulnerable and therefore you are at your most dangerous to create a goal scoring opportunity.

What’s in the Session?

Begin with a warm up to get your players into the mindset of quickly counter-attacking as soon as the ball is turned over. The practice encourages quick passing and sharp movements to up the heart rate and get their touches us to speed. The technical part of the session allows players to recognise the movement patterns needed to construct an effective counter attack plus develops their mentality of going straight for the counter attack at pace, rather than consolidating possession and slowing the game down. Finally, the modified game at the end brings all this together in a match-like situation. Although the practice is predominantly an attackers session, it is great for encouraging defenders to jump back and defend as soon as they have lost the ball.

Get into the Liverpool way of thinking, as soon as you have that ball back, get your quick men flying and deliver them the ball clinically and directly to setup a dangerous counter-attack.

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