Assertive Possession Play - claim the ball

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In this Sportplan Session we look at how you can make your players more assertive and alert on the pitch - demanding the ball vocally when they're in space, moving to meet the pass and making your players more aware of how their off-the-ball movement can create problems for the opposition's defence.

Especially when training with younger players, your off the ball players might not realise that their movement is incredibly important for the continuation of play. Even if they don't necessarily receive the pass they were hoping for, their off the ball running will cause problems for the opposition's defence.

Using constructive drills and exercises to teach big game concepts, such as support play is not easy for any coach, but this progressive session guides you and your players through some of these key features of the game. By working on your players' movement to meet the ball, looking at how they use their first touch and being assertive and alert on the pitch at all times - whether it's with or without the ball at their feet!

Try this session with your players, get your players talking - demonstrating to their team-mates that they want the ball - and thinking about how their movement on and off the ball can make the difference in their next game

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Assertive Possession Play - claim the ball
Peter Rangel
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This plan helped my midfield and the game went from our defensive 1/3 to our middle 1/3.

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