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Goalkeeping Shot Stopping From the Angle Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeping Shot Stopping From the Angle

To improve the goalkeeper making saves from shots from the angle.

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  • Goalkeeper comes in steps round the front of the cone on the far post and gets into set position for a shot from Server 1 from the angle.
  • Followed by a shot from Server 2 from the angle.

Coaching points

  • Is the goalkeeper getting into line with the Server with the ball with the centre of the goal behind them?
  • Are they using the correct hand position to deal with the catch M grip or W grip?
  • Is the goalkeeper forward enough to be able to push the ball round the near post if they cannot hold the ball?


  • After goalkeeper is getting into a good set position and they are used to getting into line and down the line make the shots progressively harder
  • Stationary ball from the ground
  • Volley
  • Half Volleys

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