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Goalkeeper Fast Hands and reflexes Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeper Fast Hands and reflexes

Goalkeepers reactions need to be sharp when shots are coming from in close. Work on your keepers ability to get something behind the ball even when they might not know much about it

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  • Mannequin or player stood in the centre of the goal to act as a screen.
  • Server 1 plays a volley for the goalkeeper to catch. The goalkeeper makes sure of the catch and returns it to the server. The goalkeeper then moves around the screening player to get a volley from server 2.


  • Observe the goalkeepers movement from behind to ensure that they are getting into line with the ball.
  • Also, check from the side to ensure that the goalkeeper's weight is forward and hands are away from the body.

Coaching points

  • Is the goalkeeper moving efficiently to give them more time to get into set position?
  • The goalkeeper must step into the set position in preparation to make a save or make the catch easier.


  • Server 2 to get the goalkeeper into dive. 
  • Server 2 to vary the service. 
  • Flip service types from Server 1 and Server 2.

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