Football Drill Demonstration


Set up an area as shown with the coach (sleeping giant) in one end surounded by cones (gold coins). The players are at the other end and they have 1 ball each.

While the sleeping giant is asleep the players can move towards him/her, as soon as the sleeping giant awakes they have to stop and be still, if they are caught moving the sleeping giant can chase them back to the start.

If players get to the sleeping giant they pick up a gold coin and run back to the starting area to store it.

Coaching points

Emphasis on close control and ensure players keep their head up while dribbling and moving with the ball.

Highlight the importance of awarness so they do not get caught moving as the giant awakes.

Can they show good changes of pace (taking bigger touches instead of close control) when they need to get away from the giant.

Drill tags: dribble, games, head up, juniors

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