Cricket Drill Demonstration


Layout for the game
1. Play as teams (5-8 a-side) or individuals (6-10 players).
2. With chalk or disks, mark out the fielding positions available.
3. Make sure the marks are 4 paces away from the batsman.
4. Short leg must be slightly deeper: 5 paces.
5. Slip or gully in normal position for cricket.
6. Coach must feed when possible (to save arguments).
7. Feed ball on one knee, 7 or 8 paces away.
8. Encourage fielders to shout \"Howzat\" when a catch is taken.
9. Set up the game and do a quick demonstration.
10. Give a batting order.
11. When using more than one team, make it a mini tournament. Winners play winners, losers play losers.

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