category: Endurance

Swim 1 x 25mts: 1 x 50mts: 1 x 75mts: 1 x100mts 1 x 75mts 1 x 50mts 1 x 25mts on yourchoice of stroke with 20sec rest after eachdistance. Moderate / S...


category: Endurance

Swimming Endurance Breaststroke Swim 6 x 25m (6 x 1 length) Breaststroke with
20 sec rest after every length or Tread Water for 6 x...

Frontcrawl - Drills

category: Frontcrawl-Drills

Front crawl Forehead Touch Drill. Touch yourforehead with one hand before it enters thewater. Keep your legs kicking strong as yourarms move slowly fo...

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