category: Dribbling

Set up cones in a zig-zag formation. Groups of 6 are stationed on the endline. 1 ball per group. The dribblers move up, then back down the cones perfo...

Wide Slalom Run

category: Agility

Poles set far apart in a zig zag formation. Player runs from one to the next focussing on change of direction and pace.

Dribble, Pass, Run And Relay

category: Agility

Great for warm ups. Players dribble through the cones, pass to the waiting player at the end of the cones and then run back to touch the first red con...

Sticky Donut

category: Dribbling

A player dribbles around the outside of the cones, when he tags someone he shouts sticky donut. The two players then dribble around the circle in opp...

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Community Drills

Agility - Zig Zag

Attackers runs forward to Cone A.Recieves ballAttacker then side shuffles to Cone B.Short sprint to Cone CRecieves ballGoes backwardsPassVolleyPunch H...

skills Alley

create 2 or 3 alleys depending on how many players you have.players dribble up the alley and come back down on the outside touching the ball many...

Mr Worden Pd1 Felipe Martinez

This drill will make work on several things, sprints, passing, quick plays, and shooting. The blue team is working on the right while the green team i...

Zig Zag, lay off

First, The attacker will dribble with the football in and out of the cones.They will then pass the ball to a feeder, the feeder will then lay off the ...