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3 Vs 3 Soccer

category: Possession

Soccer 3 vs 3 Soccer Possession Each teams has 3 players and one goal to defend and one to attack. The ball is not allowed to stop or go over head ...

Working Up To 11 V 11 Principles

category: Defending

Objective: Application of the individual & unit patterns/movements of defending with a 8 v 8 practice.


  • Set up - Half a...

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Community Drills

3v3 with wide overload options

3 teams of equal amount with no more than 12 players on one pitch.1 team is to start on the outside and are able to move wherever they like around the...


2 players are to be Shrek and Donkey and are attempting to chase other players out of their swamp. Shrek and Donkey must try to tag as many other...

Pass to the Safe Zone.

in the pitch, they is two coned areas. The coned areas are safe zones. The players have to pass into to player into the safe zone, they can not dribbl...