Kareoke Shuffle

category: Agility

Stand side ways on the the ladder with right foot inside the 1st rung. The player should then step with their left foot steps across in front of the r...


category: Agility

Weave in and out of the sticks toughing the cones to either side of the run.

Side Skip Hop

category: Agility

Put one foot in one of the rungs and the other outside. Start by bringing the outside foot towards the foot inside the rung and the inside foot to out...


category: Agility

Start with both feet inside one of the rungs and jump both feet outside the ladder (so the ladder is between both feet) then jump with both feet insid...

Web Videos

Pre season soccer training saq drills

I am going to be uploading videos of some of my pre season training, these are all exercises I'm doing as well as football training. (I am aware the s...



Public Drills

Saq with ball

In pairs - 4 x 1 min 10 sec change overs. Repeat.red pass to blue outside of left cone

SAQ Warm up 1

ladder drills into acceleration into cone.basic laddersside laddersside shuffle back to beginning and drive off

SAQ Warm up 2

Hurdle drills into reverse into pole and accelerate to cone