Lofted Pass

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Soccer Lofted pass Passing and Receiving Lofted passes are great for clearing your lines, switching play or dinking the ball over the top to a stri...


category: Possession

Soccer Interceptor Possession 4 Players with one ball can only be outside the square of cones. 1 player is only allowed inside the area. The players ...

3 V 1 Long Pass

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Soccer 3 v 1 long pass Passing and Receiving 6 players work in an area approximately 30 meters wide, divided in two with a third boxed area at one ...

Through Ball In The Triangle

category: Possession

Soccer Through Ball in the Triangle Possession Set up a rectangle, 15x10m, with a player on each corner ... The outside players must try to stretch...

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Intercepting Passes

Turn defence into attack in an instant by stepping in front of the opposition and intercepting the passes to spring a counter attack.

Community Drills

BPO Positioning Game

Objective:- To improve team ability to stop/prevents opponents from creating a goal scoring chances.Coach Focus:- Defending teamCoach Points:- Pressin...