Fielding Warm Up Game

category: Catching

Work in groups of 10. Two rows of cones are set up, 5m apart in width and 2m apart.

Players get into pairs, opposite each other, lined up beh...

Roll And Catch

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Players work in groups of 4-6 players.

Two cones are spaced 10m apart. Player one stands between the two cones.

Stumps are placed 10m a...

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Community Drills


Players perform dynamic movements round outside of rectangle Coach calls down from 3 players stand by cone Coach calls out colour cone Players standin...

Multiple Stump Hit drill

1. Players are placed on one of the cones - mid off, cover, point.2. Coach - F - hits ball out either side of fielder and he has to hit stumps at desi...

Rainbow catch warmup

Create a number of teams and start one team with a ball each. Get all the player to start warming up either jogging or performing dynamic stretches. F...

Warm up

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