Hockey Drill Demonstration


1. Lead run to collect the ball in the cone square

2. Ball passed to runner (hard and accurate)

3. Runner collects ball in cone square, carries it out of the top of the square and rolls it strong

4. Red runner makes lead run

5. Ball is passed (slap/hit) from white runner to red runner

6. Red runner collects the ball, moves feet round and lays the ball off to the yellow runner.

7. Yellow runner makes lead run to collect the ball.

8. Yellow runner drives the ball round the back, round the cones and passes the ball to the green runner. After doing so they run to the back post (or penalty spot) for a deflection.

9. Green runner meets the ball and takes it to the top of the D.

10. The ball is struck as soon as the edge of the D is reached

Coaching points

Lead Runs/ Posting Up



Ball Pace

Created by Alexandra, Hockey Coach, England

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