Hockey Drill Demonstration


Needed? 3 Goals, 3 Goalies, 15 players, Balls, Pinnies, Cones, Dotted lines (cheese)

How? The Blue team will start the ball on the edge of the defensive circle. They will try to work the ball around the defense and into the midfield. By trying to score into either of the two goals on the midline. However, they are not allowed to cross the cone-line spitting the field passed the 25yd line. If the Defense comes up with the ball they try to score on the actual goal. Players are not restricted to any space! 

Why? To work on getting the ball outside, dynamic movement, numbers up situation

Coaching points

  • Quick passing
  • Dynamic leads and cuts
  • Avoiding one-on-ones
  • Create two beat one situations

Created by noah, Hockey Coach, United States of America

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