Break Soccer

category: Crossing-and-Finishing

Soccer Break football Crossing and Finishing 2 players outside the area play a ball into one of their players in the grid. The 2 players in the grid ...

Change Soccer

category: Conditioned-games

Soccer Change Soccer Conditioned games Position 3 players who link arms or ... then the chain breaks and the team previously out on the field becom...

Play Ball Wide

category: Crossing-and-Finishing

Soccer Play ball wide Crossing and Finishing Player 1 playes the ball to player 2 to draw the defender player 2 passes the ball back to player 1 wh...

Hurdle Zip Zag

category: Agility

Soccer Hurdle Zip Zag Agility Set hurdles out in a ziz zag pattern, and get players to do a two footed jump ... 2 Steps Forward, One Step Back Dril...

Web Videos

Building out of the back - football

Hello my dear friends, This is my new video about building the play out of the back. You'll find here how we practice in order to apply the same conce...


Attacking Play within SSG

Get your players playing in small groups and transfer it to the match to work the ball up the field progressively.

Playing Out From The Back

Build your attacks from back to front with patience, skill and quality understanding between the players.


Community Drills

Playing from the back (cross field)

Playing out from the back.1. Defender starts with ball at right side of pitch. 2. Midfielders are together in centre then split, one coming short...