Warm Up Drill

category: Conditioned-games

Using a set of cricket wickets or posts. Roll the ball along the ground to a team mate. You can run with the ball, but the ball must be rolled along t...

Warm Up Gird - Sprint And Stretch

category: Conditioned-games

Players must sprint along the longer sides of the rectangle and then perform dynamic stretches along the shorter sides.Players can either complete a s...

Hoop Hit Warm Up

category: Batting

Mark out a 12m track with cones.Players work in 3's with 1 hoop. Each player stands 2m apart.Player A hits the soft ball with their hand through the h...

Overhead Throw

category: Skills

Player work in pairs, throwing the ball to each other.

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Warm Up and Games Session

Break the ice and get everyone moving! Use this fun games session to improve your players' fielding, throwing and catching!