Defensive Stance

category: 323-defenders-movements

Handball Defensive stance 323 defenders movements As players run forward to defend they should think about their stance and approach: They should tak...

Defensive Movements

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Handball defensive movements 319 diving and shooting Blue pass around - 3 red defenders come forward and touch the backcourt players once the are inÂ...

Defensive Contacts

category: 323-defenders-movements

Handball Defensive Contacts 323 defenders movements To practice coming together players must side-step between the cones. When they come to the close...

Body Defense

category: 323-defenders-movements

Handball Body defense 323 defenders movements Defenders try to defend their cones by only using their body, so no hands and arms allowed to hold theÂ...

327 Close Defence For Attacker

category: 327-close-defence-for-attacker

B1 runs forward to R1 and R3.
Duels, change places.

Variations :
- defensively, close to the goal area
- half offensively at 7 meters ...

538 Fast Break

category: 538-fast-break

B1 throw at the goal, pass on at the right.
Defender not involved in defensive action runs for the fast break.

Web Videos

Best of handball defences and steals

Handball - Handball defenses - Handball Steals -Soundtrack : Lensko - Let's Go! [NCS Release] https://youtu.be/mSLuJYtl89Y -Credit Sound Creator : Len...

Handball defence training

Different exercises for Handball training to improve your defence. You can see simple 1 on 1 training up to complex exercise with the look on defence....


3:2:1 Defensive Setup Session

Get your players creating defensive triangles and closing down the attacking dangers with this week's defensive system session


Community Drills

TW Einwerfen aus Grundbewegung

RR pass auf RM, pass auf RL der offensiven Abwehrspieler hinterläuft. RR Wurf gegen Defensiven Abwehrspieler.RM reagiert auf PAsspiel gegen Defensiven...

Übergang Rückraum - Kreis Breit 3

RM (auf RR) spielt den Ball zu RL.Dieser verlagert mit Ball nach Außen.Abwehr bleibt in der Formation, wird nur etwas defensiver.RM verlagert parallel...

Autosave 52016718

Castle Ball - Aim is to knock the other persons castle down by throwing a ball at the balanced strucutre.Looking for the team who hasn't got the ball ...