Slog Sweep

category: Extras

Cricket Slog Sweep Extras Played to a ball slightly wider of off stump, allowing batter to free arms Batter must be low in their position, with head ...

Paddle Sweep

category: Extras

Cricket Paddle sweep Extras Played to a ball fuller quicker ball Batter must be low in their position, with head pushed forwards ... Slog Sweep Drill...

Reverse Sweep

category: Extras

Cricket Reverse Sweep Extras ONLY FOR MORE ADVANCED PLAYER Played to a length ball pitching on or outside line of the ... Slog Sweep Drill ThumbnailÂ...

Sweep Drill

category: Techniques

Cricket Sweep Drill Techniques This drill can be done in pairs/groups of three (minimum one batter and one feeder required), with six tennis balls pe...

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How to play the slog sweep

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Community Drills

Attacking against spin boundary's

Looking to give players the chance to try different shots. This session will be used a shot circuit.Each section will have a WK, Batsmen, Fielder and ...