Soccer Cricket

category: Conditioned-games

Football Soccer Cricket Conditioned games Make two teams of 6. The coach is the pitcher. He stands in a 5 x 5 yard area 10 yards from the wickets (5 ...

Backfoot Defence

category: Back-foot-batting

(for age 6-8 use footballs or giant tennis balls, for age 8+ use tennis balls)
Six feeds each practice, then rotate clockwise. One bounce foot...

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Community Drills


hand football as first activity to get warmed up

Football race

Two teams Two ballsEach player takes it in turns to run with ball dribbling around slalom conesSecond player can nly strat when first reaches fi...

Batting football

Coach feeds the ball to the batsmen (batsmen take it in turns, red team vs yellow team), the batsmen hits the ball towards the goals (cones). if the b...