Football Drill Demonstration


Group in pairs. One ball between the pair. Repeat in 5 other areas for a total of 12 players.

Player 2 passes the ball across the area to player 1. Player 2 then runs immediately around the cone and back to his starting position. Player 1 must control the ball, then pass it back using the inside of his foot, attempting to pass the ball over the far end line before player 2 gets back into position. A goal is scored if the ball goes over the end line travelling along the ground. Repeat and rotate.

Coaching points

Move into line with the ball as early as possible.

Select the controlling surface, e.g. right or left foot.

Your pass should always start your run.

Be in a position ready to pass back first time.


Move the cones in 3 yards. Now the receiving player is allowed to pass it back through the cones first time.

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