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Goalkeeping Dealing with Cutbacks Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeping Dealing with Cutbacks

Get your goalkeepers dealing with cutbacks by staying on their feet and anticipating the change of angle.

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  • Goalkeeper deals with the cut back. If the goalkeeper secures the ball then returns it to the server whilst still on the ground followed by a shot.
  • You can start with a volley into hands then get the goalkeeper into dive
  • The serve needs to be powerful enough to challenge the goalkeeper as we will now introduce a shot.
  • If the goalkeeper parries the ball the striker should shoot using the ball in play

Coaching points

  • Makes sure of the initial catch and secure the ball if at all possible.
  • Check set position and recovery line of the goalkeeper. How fast do they get up and do they get into line?
  • Make sure the goalkeeper does not anticipate where the shot is going but reacts


  • Wide server can cut the ball back to the sever in the middle directly
  • Wide server can try and squeeze the ball in at the near post

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