Football Drill Demonstration


Split your players into two groups.

Half of the group runs around the outside of the square for one minute at 60% pace.

At the same time the other half of your team are working inside the grid. Half of the players have a have a ball. Players must move and call for the pass when they do not have a ball.

Players work in each area twice (2 runs around the outside and 2 times inside the area).

Coaching points

Players should be talking when inside the area, calling for the ball when they haven't got it and putting a name on the pass when they do.

Players should also be aware of what is around them and looking to turn and pass as soon as they have the ball, and they should go looking to receive a pass as soon as they have passed themselves.


On the second run around the outside you could get your players to up the pace to an 80% run.

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