Cricket Drill Demonstration



  • Set up 3 cones of different colours a third of the way down the wicket. 
  • Bowling machine can be set to vary the line a little.
  • Batsman to face 3 balls and to call the colour out of the cone they are aiming for.
  • Aim of the game to get a shot aimed at each of the 3 colours- 1 point for each correct shot. If they are not successful then back to 0. If player misses swap them out. 
  • If hit the on drive, hold shape all the way to the cone.
  • If a straight drive or off-drive, hold the shape and balance. 


Coaching points

  • Drills can get a little repetitive so this is a good one to introduce a little competition and remotivate. 
  • Batsman to call loudly.
  • Give batsmen technical feedback to think about 

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