Football Drill Demonstration


Session description - Switch of play, focusing on the technical side of the pass played.

can be played with however many players you like, but recommended 8-12.


The Idea of the session is to get players used to playing switch of plays which are a key way of braking down a teams stubborn defence and creating spaces!

hopefully the players notice the recurring theme of being praised when they do the correct thing, and will improve!!

Coaching points

let them play, notice the recurring problems, give the players information and nudge them in the right way, and let them play again!

questions - 

Whats the best ball to play? Drill it? across the floor? chip it? play it through the air?

players should realise that playing a switch of play in a game situation.. youd rather over hit it and the ball goes out of play, then under hit it and the ball ends up with an opposition player in a dangerous area.


show players the Correct way to play long balls. let them try!


use terms like - "give it a try"

this encourages players to try anything but subconciously they realise that there is a nothing bad that comes from not doing it correctly, they are all here to improve themselves and are not the finished article, no matter their skill or age level!

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