Football Drill Demonstration


1 - Repeat 3 times

A Player starts at the white cone, the red cone and the blue cone.

White cone - Press ups or Plank

Red Cone - Sit Ups, Burpees, Lunges

Blue cone - Starts by running to the furthest cone then back to start then second cone then back then first cone and back.

Running player determines the length of time the other exercises are done for

2 - Repeat 5 times

3 Players start in the centre. The each run to the cone in front of them then back to the centre. The then have to run to the next cone to their RIGHT until they have been round every cone. Players need to sprint to each cone and jog back

3 - repeat 5-8 times

Ladders - 2 feet in each rung / side step across each rung, forward and backwards movement

Hurdles - Feet together and jump hurdles, head ball, hop

Sprint to end cone then jog back


15 seconds to complete then 15 second break

Players sprint to the first cone and back then the 2nd cone and back then the last cone and back

Coaching points

Intense workout.

Breaks in between exercises




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