Football Drill Demonstration


Objective: To defend as individuals and as a unit to stop the team in possession dribbling the ball over the defensive line.

  • Mark out 30 x 18 area - Using specific part of the pitch as shown in diagram.
  • 16 players required.
  • 3 v 3 pressing practice which the aim is for the attacking team to dribble the ball over the opposite defending line & then switch.
  • 2 GK's are servers, always playing the ball into the attacking team.
  • Coach only one team (selecting players prior).
  • Pressing - speed, angle, body shape & position, depth & distance.
  • Defending as a unit, communication between both defenders and attackers is key.
  • Stay compact & narrow - depth and balance of defending shape.
  • Angles & distance of support & cover.
  • In line with the ball & goal - nearest player engages.

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